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Dua Lipa Concert

KTS captured Dua Lipa’s stunning performance as a world-renowned pop star

On Sunday, June 19th the KTS team was a part of the great adventure which is the delivery of Dua Lipa’s global pop superstar concert. The concert, for which all tickets were sold out in record time took place at the

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Kaunas Europos kulturos sostine

As part of the “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” program, KTS filmed a unique show on the water

KTS filmed a light, music, and water show in Kaunas, Lithuania on the evening of May 21. This is one of the biggest events in the “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” program. Locals and visitors from all over Europe witnessed a never-before-seen music show on the water at the junction of the two rivers.

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The Donatas Montvydas concert

2021’s greatest post-pandemic concerts

After a long period of pandemic, the KTS team worked with a number of well-known performers in arenas full with excited fans who had been missing performances for so long.

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M.A.M.A. Lithuanian Music Awards

Year after year, we are happy to broadcast the M.A.M.A. Lithuanian Music Awards, which is an enormous, groundbreaking, and spectacular event.

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Andrea Bocelli Concerts

OB1 crew filmed 3 Andrea Bocelli concerts in a row from the Passione World Tour. The HD signal from our cameras was vision mixed live onto the venue’s LED screens.

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22nd Woodstock Festival in Poland

On July 14-16 KTS team worked on the biggest open-air festival in Europe – 22nd Woodstock Poland.

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The Legend of Zygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaite

KTS filmed a new musical which was based on historical events of Lithuania and Poland kings and dukes all the way from XVI century.

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Elton John’s Concert

On the 19th of December in Kaunas, Lithuania, OB1 crew filmed the final date of Elton John’s 2013 tour. The HD signal from our cameras was vision mixed live onto the venue’s LED screens.

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SEL Concert

On the 7th of December in Kaunas, Lithuania, OB2 crew filmed a concert for the music group ‘SEL’. With around 17,000 spectators gathered in Žalgirio Arena to see SEL perform, this was a large scale event.

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Bobby McFerrin LIVE in Kaunas

As part of Kaunas Jazz Festival 2011, KTS filmed the concert for a famous composer/performer Bobby McFerrin. The filming, post-production and DVD were produced free of charge as a gift from KTS to the Kaunas Jazz Festival.

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