Maximum of Cameras: 16

Sound: 5.1 surround

Formats: 1080i, 720p

Length: 10 m

Width: 2.7 m

Height: 3.7 m

Weight: 18 t

Voltage: 380 V

System Integrator: TVC Lithuania

  • Video mixer

GrassValley Karrera, 3 M/E, 36 in, 20 out

Control Panel KRR-PNL-200-25-C

  • Video router

Miranda CR6464-3Gig (64×64)

  • Cameras

up to 16 Sony HSC-100R, CCU, RCP-920

2 Sony HDC-3300R (super slow motion), CCU, RCP-1500

up to 3 GrassValley LDK8300 (super slow motion), CCU, OCP-400

Ikegami NAC MC-555 (ultra slow motion 20x), CCU, OCP-200, MUSAHI MDS-50TB

2 Wireless Camera Systems Vislink L1700

Remote Controlled Cameras: Q-Ball Corps, Sony BRC-Z700

  • Video servers / recorders

3 GV K2 Summit 3G, 8 channel

3 Dyno S controllers

2 AJA KiPro Rack HDD 

2 Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio

  • Internet streamers

Wirecast, Teradek Cube

  • Intercom

RTS ODIN 80×80

Wireless beltpacks TR-1800

External panels, VoIP, ISDN options


  • Audio Console

Studer Vista 1, 5.1 surround

  • Commentary units

Prodys Quantum W

Glensound GS-CU001B

  • Microphones

Holophone H3D surround mic

Variety of shotguns on request

  • Other

TC Electronics R6000 + ICON

TC Electronics DB4

TC Electronics TM7

RME Madiface XT

Dolby E encoder, decoder



Fujinon XA101x8.9B

Canon XJ100x9.3B

Fujinon XA88x8.8B

Canon XJ86x9.3B

Canon XJ72x9.3B

Canon XJ60x9B

Canon HJ22ex7.6B

Canon KJ20x8.5B

Canon HJ17x7.6B

Canon HJ14ex4.3B

Fujinon HA13x4.5B

Canon HJ11ex4.7B


Recent Projects

Our largest project of the year – the opening of the new stadium in Kaunas

On October 16, 2022, the KTS team worked on the year's largest project: the opening of the new stadium in Kaunas, which was followed by an LFF match.

Aurum 1006 km race, Palanga 2022

The 1006 km race in Palanga is the biggest annual sport car fiesta in the Baltic states. Parts of the competition include drifting, drag, and of course, the 1006 km race. We are happy to say that we film it every year.
BBC World

KTS is working with the BBC Group on a special show about the war in Ukraine

KTS, considering the war in Ukraine, is pleased to be able to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and work to educate listeners on the topic of war.